Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Fine Arts

This morning at church, we enjoyed the music of Copper Street Brass, a brass quintet from Minneapolis, MN.  They are phenomenal!  They provided prelude and postlude music but also played brass arrangements of the liturgical music, joining the organist throughout the service.  If you are a lover of live music, you can probably imagine the feeling that we members of the congregation had as the full, rich sounds of the brass instruments filled up the church and washed over us as we sang along.  You can watch some videos and listen to several excerpts of the group's performances here.

This afternoon I headed back to church to lead my Mentor Group in a service project (more on that tomorrow) while Susan took the girls to a Sons of Norway lodge meeting.  You may recall that, at last month's lodge meeting, Hillary had the winning bid on an ethnic troll sculpture.  Well, today was Abigail's turn to submit the winning bid on another sculpture up for auction!  Hillary's sculpture was of a troll witch, and Abigail's is of a troll couple.  And Hillary happened to win a door prize at today's meeting: an autumn-themed candle holder.

Abigail's troll couple sculture and Hillary's door prize


  1. The page wouldn't load fully to hear the music of the brass group.
    And those girls are certainly lucky winners!

  2. Using Explorer as the browser, I couldn't see the videos to watch, but I could still listen to the music clips in the "Audio" section toward the bottom.

    Using Chrome or Firefox as the browser, I could see the videos, too.

  3. The musicians were excellent -- per the girls' request, we came home with several CDs.

  4. Sounds like fun! I have a similar troll to Abigail's, but as a single. My brother brought it back from Norway as a gift when he went on a International Band tour. Hmmmm, I know I still have it, but I think it's hidden somewhere in my house!