Monday, November 01, 2010

First Chair

Tonight we attended Suzanna's seventh-grade band concert at her junior high school!  Walking into the gymnasium and seeing it set up with chairs for the band on one side and risers for the choir on the other just took me right back to my own days as a music student at Tioga High School!  And it was very special to watch Suzanna walk out and take her place in the "first chair" position amongst the trombones, carrying the same trombone that I used to play.  She's quite a good trombonist (owing in part, I'm sure, to the private trombone lessons she takes from a trombone performance major at the university), and it was very enjoyable to hear the concert.  We were proud as could be!

The band teacher, Mr. Dykema, is great and gets good sound from both his choir and band students.

This song--"Woodland Odyssey" by Michael Sweeney--is Suzanna's favorite from among those that the band played tonight.


  1. Ahh...the good ole' days from band. I remember it well. I'm excited to hear her Christmas concert too! Suzanna looks good in the #1 chair!

  2. Yep, don't the memories of THS band days just come flooding back?

  3. Walking into the gym brought back LOTS of memories -- I played/sang concerts in that same space! I still remember words to several of the songs we sang, too!

  4. Isn't it funny how we relive our childhood through current events?