Friday, November 26, 2010


I realize that it won't be Saturday until tomorrow, but I wanted to make my homemade turkey soup today from the stock that I made yesterday (remember?)--so this week our family's Scandinavian Saturday supper is happening on a Friday.

kalkunsuppe ["turkey soup"]

I didn't use a recipe for this one; I just threw in what seemed to "fit," and the result was pretty good.  I sautéed chopped carrots and parsnips in olive oil and butter with salt, cracked pepper, and herbes de Provence.  Then I added chopped celery, leeks, red bell pepper, and mushrooms to continue sautéing before adding white wine.  Then I brought in from the chilly veranda the turkey stock that I had made yesterday and skimmed off the fat before adding the flavorful stock to the simmering vegetables.  As that heated through, I chopped all the dark turkey meat and most of the white and then added it to the soup.  Then I added a buncha stuff: garlic cream of mushroom soup, a can of grilled chicken and noodle soup, a few packets of different seasoning mixes (meant for chicken stews and such), garlic seasoning, a dried dill seasoning mix . . . just whatever I could find in the spice cabinet that looked good.  After the soup had simmered a couple hours, I stirred in chopped parsley and fresh spinach to wilt.  The result was the thick, rich, full-of-flavor turkey and vegetable soup pictured above.

P.S.  We have so much dressing left over from our turkey dinner that I had Susan cut some of it into slices and toast them in the oven to serve as a savory bread to go along with our meal!  (That's what's on the plate in the photo.)


  1. This soup is AMAZING!!! It was delicious the first night, and equally as delicious at dinner today -- nicely done!

  2. I love making home made soups. They're the best!