Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Guy's Gotta Eat

Monday night our family ate international food at the Feast of Nations, a fundraiser for the business club at the university.  We went to the Student Center to enjoy food from the many countries of the international students on our campus, and we nearly burned out tongues out on the spicy Korean food!  There was entertainment, too, provided by international students; we saw dancing and heard some singing and instrumental music before we finished our meal and headed home.  The other adults at our table raised their eyes in wonder as our girls ate the unusual variety of food without picking at it or fussing or making faces.  (The girls were a little more critical of some of the out-of-tune "entertainment," though.)

Tonight we ate at Pizza Ranch after . . . (wait for it) . . . I worked a shift there!  Yep, as a fundraiser for the Western Wellness Foundation, several of us board members worked for three hours, busing tables and getting refills for patrons.  The tips collected (as well as a cut of the restaurant's profits during that timespan) were donated by the restaurant to our organization.  The girls do not have school tomorrow, so each of them has a friend sleeping over at our house tonight.  Susan brought all six girls to Pizza Ranch for supper, and I joined them to eat when my shift was done.  I have fond memories of working at the Ground Round as an undergrad years ago, but I was always busy there, interacting with the customers and getting food out of the kitchen and onto their tables.  Waiting around tonight for someone to have an empty plate for me to pick up just wasn't quite the same thrill.  But for a good cause (and some tasty pizza), I did it.


  1. I'm sure you made everyone from the Ground Round proud with your serving tonight! :-)

  2. ...isn't the food business the best?.... :-)