Sunday, November 07, 2010

Susan's Handiwork

Look what Susan just finished:

Click on this photo--or any of the others--to see the item in greater detail.

It's a table runner made using Norwegian Hardanger needlework techniques.  She started the project in June and has worked on it off-and-on ever since (alternating it with other Hardanger and knitting projects whenever she can sit down in the evening or during a car ride).  She will submit this project for her Level 2 pin in the Hardanger Embroidery category of the Sons of Norway's cultural skills program.  Look at some of the details:

She initially planned for it to be a Christmas decoration: a runner for the center of our dining room table.  However, she discovered that it happens to fit our foyer table perfectly, and it matches our decor--so that's where it will live!  (Susan and I just bought this table for our foyer in August as an anniversary gift.  Furniture is the suggested gift for a 17th anniversary, and this is one item of furniture that we thought we could use.)

Isn't that a perfect fit on the table's top?

Here are a few autumn-themed decorations for the table.


  1. Pretty!! I like the table as well. I didn't know you had made this purchase. Very nice...

  2. Thanks, Sandy! It turned out well, and it looks really nice on that table. The required project for level 3 is an "heirloom piece" -- a table cloth, Christmas tree skirt, baptismal gown....I think I'll stick with smaller pieces for a while!

  3. Sandy, you should swing by the house real-quick-like to take a gander at the table and runner. You can stay for supper, too, if you'd like.

  4. Sausage, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, creamstyle corn -- and ice cream for dessert (because it is "Ice Cream Sunday" at our house)! We've always got plenty for family to drop in. :-)

  5. Gorgeous Susan! I miss getting crafty with you; and it would be SO fun to create with the girls. I NEED to make a trip to your side of ND soon.