Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simon and Son and Snow

Just last week we attended one of the concerts offered by the Dickinson Area Concert Association in this year's series.  Well, the next scheduled concert . . . was tonight!  We skipped Scandinavian Saturday supper this week due to last night's Norwegian buffet, ate our usual Friday night meal of homemade pizza, and got ready to leave.  It was snowing and scheduled to continue throughout the night, and I knew I'd have to get up super-early tomorrow to start snowblowing and shoveling so that Susan and the girls can be at church at 7:30 A.M.; so I wasn't eager to forgo supper tonight in order to go out and clear the driveway in time for us to drive to the concert.  So we walked there instead.  Through the continuously falling snow.  And the cold wind.  And the piles of snow on the unshoveled sidewalks and unplowed streets between our house and the university.

I led the line of blonds marching to and fro the concert, blazing a trail through the snow that they might walk in my footsteps and have less difficulty getting through the drifts.  When we arrived at the building housing the auditorium, we all had red cheeks, and there were piles of white snow atop our heads and stuck inside the girls' eyeglasses (little snow drifts piled between their upper cheeks and their lenses).  It was nice to sit down and warm back up during the concert.

This one was a performance by Simon and Son, a piano-playing duo who happen to be . . . (wait for it) . . . father and son!  They are excellent pianists who played duets (each of them taking a turn playing the primo and secondo parts . . . and, in one song, switching back and forth during the song!), solos, and songs with one of them on the piano while the other played another instrument (e.g., a high hat and drumstick, a glockenspiel).  They played classical music, folk songs, popular music, etc.--a wide variety of styles.  You can see them in action yourself by viewing this.

Eventually the concert ended, meaning we had to bundle up and make our way back home through the still-snowing weather.  Abigail has volunteered to get up early with me to clear out the driveway before church/Sunday school, so let it snow . . . because I've got help in the morning!

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  1. OMG! I love those piano players! They are great!