Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm a Superstar

As members of the Sons of Norway, we receive a monthly magazine called Viking, which we like a lot.  The June issue arrived in our mailbox today, and look what I discovered on the page dedicated to news about events from our particular district:

What's that?  You don't see anything particularly notable?  Well, let me zoom in for you:

Still don't see it?

That's I in the blue, seated on the floor!  I'm now on the board of directors for Trollfjorden Language and Cultural Camp, one of our Sons of Norway district's summertime camps--and a camp that our family attended and loved both last year and the year before.  Last fall I attended my first board meeting, and the photo above was taken at that gathering.  One of the other board members belongs to the Sons of Norway lodge in Grand Forks, so when she submitted this photo, the magazine gave credit to her lodge (Gyda-Varden) in the caption that goes with the photo.  However, we board members represent various lodges from across the state.

In any case, clearly I'm now a superstar with my photo splashed across the pages of a magazine with international distribution.  (Too bad my name doesn't appear with the photo . . .)

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  1. Definitely a Norsky with the blonde beard! I found you right away! Woot woot!!