Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainy Memorial Day Remembering and Partying

This has been the rainiest, chilliest May in a long time.  It continues to drizzle outside, and a cold wind is still blowing.  This has gone on for days.  It made for an unpleasant trip to the cemetery today to visit Susan's mom's grave for Memorial Day, and it drove us indoors for a barbecue that we were invited to attend at our friends' house.  First, the photos:

Just as we did for my mom yesterday (remember?), we placed on Sue's grave a wreath and two bouquets.  Red was one of Sue's favorite colors.
Sue's three oldest grandchildren (Hillary, Abigail, and Suzanna) and Sue's oldest child (Susan) at her grave.  Sue died when Suzanna was a baby, so visiting her grave always elicits questions from the girls about what she was like.  It's good for us to keep our own memories of her alive as we recall stories about her to share with her granddaughters.
From there we headed to the home of our friends Pam and Calvin.  They had us and our friends Leslie and Dave (and all our children) over today for a barbecue that became an indoor party due to the miserable weather.  They opened up their lovely home to us, and their cute kids hosted the other children, keeping one another entertained upstairs while the adults retired to the family room downstairs for conversation and games.  Pam laid out a delicious spread from which we ate non-stop all evening.  Both couples are hilarious, and we laughed ourselves silly the whole time we were there.  We're looking forward to more get-togethers with both couples and their families.


  1. Just wanted to say Hi and to tell the girls there Grandma was a wonderful person and she would be very proud of each of them! You all have a little bit of her in you! Try and remember all the stories your Mom and Dad tell you because memories are very special!

    See you all soon!
    Love Jake

  2. Sounds like a fun night was had all the way around!