Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Can Confirm that We Were at Church Tonight

I'm done!  Done giving and grading final exams!  Oh, sure, there are a few end-of-the-year items still to tend to, but this point is always a major milestone in any semester.

Speaking of milestones: Tonight we attended informational meetings for two of our daughters on the confirmation program at church.  One meeting was for next year's seventh-graders, who will just be starting the program; the other was for next year's eighth-graders, who will just be wrapping it up.  We took Abigail to the first one and Suzanna to the second one.  Because we had done this last year for Suzanna (remember?), we pretty much knew what to expect.  Still, it was exciting for Abigail to learn the details and get her questions answered.

Why must these children continue to grow older?!  Soon they'll be out of the house, and Susan and I will be weeping daily.

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