Saturday, May 07, 2011

Professional Musicians, Good Food, and Wine with Chocolate

No Scandinavian Saturday supper again this week!  Our day was just too full of other things to do.  Here were the three main events:

First, our entire family was hired to provide music for a wedding service this afternoon at a local Catholic church.  The bride's stepdad attends our church, at which her mom heard Susan and the girls sing one Sunday.  She recommended the ladies to her daughter, who came to our house one morning with her fiancé to hear them sing and to get ideas for song options (remember?).  I played the piano while Susan and the girls sang that day, so the bride and groom ended up asking us all to provide music today: I played piano for the service and accompanied Susan and the girls, who sang the songs for the wedding.  It was our daughters' first time as wedding musicians (and they got paid, too!), and it brought back memories of the hundreds of weddings for which my sisters and I sang, played piano, or played organ during our high school years.

Second, Susan and I joined our friends Leslie and Dave for a delicious supper and hilarious conversation at Applebee's.  Leslie's a teacher, and Dave's a police officer, so they both have interesting stories.  Plus, they're funny people with whom we enjoy hanging out.  We arranged to meet for supper tonight because we both had tickets to attend the night's main event afterward . . .

Third, we attended the second annual Chocolate Affair, a chocolate and wine tasting event to raise funds for the Western Wellness Foundation and its programs for children and families.  We went with Leslie and Dave last year, too (remember?).  It was even classier this year than last with a jazz quintet providing background music and regional chefs serving a delicious assortment of chocolate desserts . . . although the wine sampling was my favorite part!  It was a delightful end to a fun day.

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