Sunday, May 15, 2011

Parentless Pianists

Now, not only must the girls survive without Susan around (remember this and this?), but they must also do without me!  After Sunday school this morning, I left town with a colleague to drive to Bismarck, ND to fly from their airport to Minneapolis, MN for work-related appointments there tomorrow (more on that later).  That meant leaving the girls in the care of Susan's dad today through tomorrow evening.  The girls are pretty self-sufficient, taking care of meals for Grandpa and getting themselves ready for school tomorrow (and they did all the laundry and cleaned the house yesterday while I made Scandinavian Saturday supper).  But they can't drive (yet), and their piano recital was scheduled for tonight (while both Susan and I were gone).  So Grandpa took them!

They captured the performances on video, too.  Wanna see/hear?

Suzanna playing "Minuet" and "Spanish Guitar"

Abigail playing "Sonatina in C" and "Arabesque"

Hillary playing "Earthworm Do-Si-Do" and "Pirate of the North Sea"

Didja notice the sound of a man's cell phone ringing during Abigail's performance?  And of his answering the call and carrying on a conversation during her performance?  Yeah, classy, huh?  They said that he received two other calls during the recital, answering the call each time and sitting there talking while the children were trying to concentrate on playing their songs and their families were trying to listen and enjoy the recital.  Unbelievably crass.

Anyway, Susan and I are grateful that Grandpa could be with the girls since our out-of-town trips happened on the same weekend.

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  1. I'm sure Grandpa G. didn't mind being able to listen to the girls play their music either! How nice that he was there! Good job girls!