Saturday, June 06, 2009

AL Prison Escapees Captured Outside Dickinson, ND!

Well, this is pretty disturbing, wouldn't you say? What in the world were those goons doing here?! Perhaps they thought they could disappear in the remoteness of this state. Didn't they realize that, around here, everybody knows everybody? If we don't recognize you, we're going to ask around about you . . . and if you raise our suspicions, officers of the law will know about it . . . because the police are our friends, neighbors, or relatives. And, apparently, they know how to do their jobs. And SW ND has a long history of bringing justice to the lawless in the Badlands--just recall Teddy Roosevelt. Well, I'm glad the convicts have been captured, and I'll be interested to learn more about this situation as details emerge in the coming days.


  1. This was on our news here as well. And on my home page online! Sheesh!

  2. I was feeling so safe when we picnicked at the park in Gladstone. . .