Thursday, June 18, 2009

Documentary on Northwest ND

Have you heard of a recent documentary called Crude Independence? I just stumbled upon some Web sites regarding it, and I'll bet that many readers of Pensive? No, Just Thinking would find it interesting. Its topic is the current oil boom in ND with a focus on how it's affecting small-town life in northwest ND, where I grew up and where my dad lives! Check these out:
  • an interview with the documentarians, Noah Hutton (son of actors Timothy Hutton and Debra Winger) and his step-brother Sam Howard (son of actor Arliss Howard) [the executive producer is Jonathan Demme, famous director, producer, and actor]
  • a press release for the documentary's showing at the Oxford Film Festival this past February
  • another interview with them after their film won "Best Documentary" at the Oxford Film Festival (includes the trailer* for the documentary)
  • the documentary's Web site (also includes the trailer*)
It appears to be a fair look at how the resurrection of the oil industry in western ND is affecting the quiet, rural lifestyle of those who have grown up in the region. I'd like to watch the entire documentary someday!

*The trailer includes an interviewee who uses crude (pardon the pun) language. Don't watch it in the presence of children or adults with delicate sensibilities.

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