Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chicago, Days 3 and 4

Status update: still loving Chicago!  The conference continues to be informative and enjoyable (with delicious food), and there is time each evening for fun in the city.  Faithful Reader, you know you want to know what I've been doing each night . . . and to see the photos!

Conference organizers had arranged for us to go on a dessert cruise last night.  We boarded a double-decker boat on which we were served a variety of desserts and beverages.  Then the crew took us on a three-hour cruise up and down the Chicago River and out into the harbor and Lake Michigan.  The weather was hot and humid; but up on the top deck of the boat, the breeze was great, and the views were amazing.  I still have to tell you about tonight's main event, but first here are some photos from last night's cruise:

This was the start of the cruise.  The building to the right (with the columns underneath it) is . . .

I took this photo of the Chicago skyline while we were out in Lake Michigan.

It was an incredible night.  With the food, drinks, gorgeous sights, and informative tour guide (who shared all sorts of details about the architects who put up the buildings as well as the history of Chicago), the three hours on the boat just seemed to fly by.

Today my colleague Lou and I went to Portillo's for a Chicago-style hot dog for dinner at noon.  For supper we grabbed a bite at the Cornery Bakery Cafe before walking down the street to the Oriental Theater to see Billy Elliot: The Musical.  It!  Was!  Awesome!  This direct-from-Broadway musical features Tony-nominated actress Emily Skinner, and its music was written by Sir Elton John.  It's based on the movie Billy Elliot, which I enjoyed a decade ago; however, one wouldn't need to know the movie first in order to enjoy the musical.  It was exciting and touching, and I'm still humming the songs!  [Click the Billy Elliot: The Musical link above for a video preview.]


  1. I would love to take a boat cruise! Very neat! The buildings are so clean looking with all the reflections from across their streets bouncing off the sides!

  2. Sandra, I hope you didn't overlook the part about my attending Billy Elliot: The Musical! It was an even more fantastic experience than the awesome cruise, and that's saying something!