Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicago, Days 5 and 6

I'm home now from Chicago.  The conference ended yesterday, but it was cheaper for me to stay one more night and return today than to fly back yesterday--so I didn't leave until this afternoon.  That also gave me yesterday afternoon to shop The Magnificent Mile, the noted Michigan Ave. shopping district.  I was looking for souvenirs for my blondes back home, but it was fun, too, to see the variety of specialty stores that sold stuff I wasn't looking for (and couldn't afford).  And, of course, it was a fine opportunity to take just a few more photos.

Goodbye, hotel!  You've been lovely!

I boarded the airplane in Chicago and then sat on the runway for 65 minutes, which meant that I arrived in Denver just exactly when I was supposed to be boarding the airplane for Dickinson!  I managed to get to my gate and onto the plane before it left, which is good because it was the last flight to Dickinson for the night.  When I got home, all the ladies were still awake, waiting to welcome me back.  It was great to attend the conference and see Chicago, but it's great to be home!!

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  1. Speaking on behalf of all of your blondes, we're glad that you had a good time, but we're even more glad that you're home! :-)