Friday, July 16, 2010

Lakeside Wedding

Not even a full week after this extended family get-together, we had another one tonight.  And this one was in  Dickinson, so no travel required!  My cousin Darren's daughter MaKenzie and her fiancé Kenny got married in an outdoor ceremony beside the lake, followed by a supper and dance at a hotel in town . . . and I've got all the photos you've been waiting to see!

MaKenzie and Kenny got married on the north shore of Lake Patterson just west of Dickinson.  It turned out to be a very hot day (in the 90s), but there was a breeze, and most of the seats for attendees were in the shade (although the wedding party didn't have it so lucky).

There were three bridesmaids and two maids of honor!  One of the bridesmaids was MaKenzie's cousin Meghan.  (MaKenzie's dad Darren is brother to Meghan's mom Brenda, whose 25th anniversary we celebrated last weekend.)

One of the maids of honor was MaKenzie's youngest sister Shantell.

The other maid of honor was MaKenzie and Shantell's sister Paige (whose high school graduation we just celebrated in May).

The flower girls were the groom's daughters Emily (on the left) and Haley.

MaKenzie was escorted up the aisle--and "given away" by--her parents Darren, who lives outside McGregor with his wife Joan, and Sheri, who lives in Dickinson.  (By the way, Darren, Sheri, and I were classmates in elementary and secondary school in Tioga!)

Music was provided MaKenzie's aunt and cousins (left to right): Rachelle, Meghan, Brenda, and Katrina (Brenda is the other women's mom).

The officiant for the wedding was Jim, the pastoral assistant from the church in McGregor.  I was surprised to see him there, but MaKenzie has grown up splitting her time with her parents in Dickinson and McGregor, so she must have gotten to know Jim by attending church when in that area.  (By the way, Jim is the pastoral assistant at the church that I attended while growing up and at which my mom was organist.)

The newlyweds!

One of the ushers was MaKenzie's uncle Jerry (brother to Darren and Brenda).

The reception, supper, and wedding dance were held in town at the Grand Dakota Lodge, which was the site for Susan and my wedding dance, too, more than a few years ago.  The bride's dad and uncle have some stories about their adventures from that night, but I'm not sure that they have yet shared those tales with MaKenzie . . . .  Anyhoo, isn't the cake pretty?

Here are Suzanna and Hillary finding the perfect table for our family.

I just thought this was a good photo of Brenda, her husband Rick, and their son Nicholas.  Brenda and Rick were a host couple at the reception, and Nicholas was in charge of distributing "koozies," drink holders to keep a can of pop or bottle of beer chilled while drinking it.  These koozies were personalized with the bride and groom's names and wedding date on them.

Shantell and Paige

Brenda and Darren

My aunt Penny (mom to Brenda, Darren, and Jerry) is the only living grandparent of the bride.  Here she poses with Susan.  Susan, the girls, and I hit the dance floor once the music started and didn't call it a night until close to midnight!  It was so nice to be able to stay that late at a family get-together and be home in under five minutes (as opposed to the long drives that are usually involved when attending family events).

MaKenzie and Kenny and their family.  Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your wedding and best wishes for a long, happy life together!

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  1. How fun to see so many familiar faces at a wedding of a relative in the town where you live! Very pretty dresses and beautiful cake. Everyone looks like they had a great time.