Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family-Filled Weekend

Although my sister Sandy is no longer married, she has remained close with her ex-husband's sons, the elder of whom (Aaron) got married yesterday.  While I was texting Sandy photos from our cousin's anniversary party throughout last night, Sandy was texting me photos from Aaron's wedding and reception!  Wanna see some photos?

It doesn't seem possible that Aaron is old enough to get married!  But Sandy insists that the wedding occurred, and there are even photos to prove it.  (And here is Sandy's first-person account of the day so you can get all the details.)

Samantha and Aaron

Aaron's mom is to Sam's right, and his dad is to his left.  Aaron's brother Ryan is beside their dad, and Aaron's half-brother Cameron is beside their mom.

Aaron and Sam at the reception and dance

My sister Sandy with Aaron

Sandy with Aaron and Ryan, whom she refers to as "my boys"!

Susan, the girls, and I were with them in spirit and are grateful to Sandy for sharing all the photos and details about the day.

Susan and I and our daughters stayed at my cousin's anniversary party pretty late and then spent the night with my dad and stepmom in Tioga.  This morning we accompanied them to church and then had a big Sunday dinner at their home: roast, potatoes, gravy, green beans, bread, pickles, salad, and angel food cake and whipped cream for dessert.  My stepbrother Dennis and his wife Julie (who live in Tioga) joined us for the meal, and we spent the afternoon relaxing and playing games.  (Well, Julie played games with the girls, Susan, and me while the others napped.  It was a sleepy Sunday!)

Julie, Hillary, Beverly, Dennis, Suzanna, Abigail, and Dad holding Hattie (Beverly's daughter's dog, whom they're dogsitting for a few days)

We left late in the afternoon and took a slightly different route home.  We usually drive Cty Rd 21, a paved road south of Tioga that meets up with Hwy 1804, which takes us east and then south to New Town, where we cross Lake Sakakawea and continue home on Hwy 22.  This time we drove Hwy 2 east to Ross and then turned south, taking nine miles of gravel road to meet up with Hwy 1804, at which point we continued on our familiar route.  Why?  Just to see some different sights, including the pretty White Earth valley, the growing town of Ross (thanks to the recent boom in the energy industry in western ND), and the farms and pastures on either side of the gravel road.

We're grateful to live close enough to "home" (where I grew up) to return for family events and spend time with family relatively (pardon the pun) often.  The drive there and back is gorgeous (through scenic western ND--very lovely) and not prohibitively long, allowing us to have enjoyable family-filled weekends such as this one pretty regularly.  Now, if I could figure out a way to get my sisters to move back to ND . . .

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  1. It was nice that the weather cooperated for a lovely evening on Saturday, and it was fun to visit with everyone all weekend.