Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another First

Tonight Susan and I participated in yet another event that reminded us of how quickly our children are growing up: junior high school course registration for Suzanna. Yep, next year Suzanna will begin six years of secondary education, and that means having some say in the elective courses that she takes. We gathered in the gymnasium and heard from both the principal and the guidance counselor, who gave a brief orientation to how junior high school will be different from elementary school. They also explained both the required and elective courses and gave suggestions for how to select electives for our children.

Suzanna's required courses include English, social studies, science, phy ed/health, and a set of courses offered together in trimesters: technology, life skills (formerly "home economics"), and computers. A math course is required, too, but she may be placed in an advanced math (pre-algebra) based on her standardized test scores and her sixth-grade teacher's recommendation.

That leaves her with 1.5 credits of electives from which to choose. She chose band and literature (an advanced course for students who, again, have high standardized test scores and the recommendation of a sixth-grade teacher). She wanted to take choir, too, but didn't have time in the day for it; so, instead, she will join honor choir, an extracurricular activity that meets before school.

Once we had the course selection form filled out, we turned it in and left--the whole process didn't take very long. At some point this spring, each class of sixth-graders will go to the junior high school for a tour, so Suzanna's fears about finding her way around the three-story building should be allayed by that. (She's also nervous about getting to her locker, trading books, and getting to her next class on time. I remember having similar questions and fears when it was time for me to make the move from my elementary school to the junior/senior high school in Tioga.)

I can still picture our bringing our newborn Suzanna home from the hospital, placing her on a crocheted afghan on the living room floor, and just watching her, marveling at every detail about her. It's hard to believe how quickly time has flown . . . and to imagine that our baby is almost a teenager. I have to go weep now.


  1. Step #2: Cut the apron strings....dating isn't far behind!

  2. Snady -- bite your tongue!!!! Kids in Suzanna's class "go out" -- and have been since about 4th grade. We've let Suzanna know that elementary school is too early for that sort of behavior -- she can start to date when she's 16. We're mean that way :-)