Thursday, March 04, 2010

Native Voices

This week I enjoyed attending two of the events that were part of the university's Native Voices: Conversations on Culture. At the luncheon yesterday, I heard Diane Hall Glancy speak and read some of her poetry. Afterwards she signed a copy of her poem "Grandmother Library" to be displayed in the library on campus.

At today's luncheon, I heard Joseph M. Marshall III speak and viewed a clip from a movie in which he acted and for which he served as an advisor. Afterwards he provided everyone in attendance with an autographed poster that is a gorgeous photo of bison with an excerpt printed along the side from one of his books.

It was so relaxing to sit, eat, and listen. Yes, it has been a hectic week that followed a hectic week last week and that precedes a hectic week next week. So I enjoyed clearing my brain of my enormous "to do" list and just letting the speakers' eloquent words and thoughtful messages fill my mind. Events such as this are a terrific perk of working at a university. I hope this will become an annual event (to join the numerous other literary and cultural events that the university sponsors annually).

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  1. But really, does your mind ever stop working even when you're not? I mean working for the work you still have yet to do. I personally think that if you just slept more you'd be better off.