Monday, March 22, 2010

One Full Year of Cuteness

I have been remiss in not posting these photos sooner . . . but better late than never! A few weeks ago, our nephew Davis celebrated his first birthday! Here are some recent photos of him. Note how much older he looks even just three months after we last saw him at Christmastime. Cute little bugger!

Davis still enjoys bath time. When he was at our house in December and it was time for his bath, he would lean back or lie down (using his mommy's hands as a pillow) and kick ferociously, kind of like pedaling a bicycle as though his life depended on it! He looks much calmer here, but I'll bet he still likes to splash and put those leg muscles to good use.

Davis' grandma (mom to Davis' daddy Nick, husband to Susan's sister Cassie) flew from ND to SC to spend a week with them and was there to celebrate with Davis. He seems to have enjoyed her company!

Ah, a Sesame Street-themed birthday party with balloons, a cute cake, an angelic boy with a devilish grin, and a huge mess. Looks like a success to me! Happy belated birthday, Davis!


  1. He's such a doll! It is fun to watch him walk & play when we Skype -- he's an active little boy!

  2. ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing the pictures!