Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Independent Cook in Da House

Faithful Reader, you may recall that Suzanna started last year to make meals for our family all on her own every once in a while. We have eaten some tasty items thanks to her. Well, tonight Abigail prepared her first meal for the family! She had Mommy to guide her, and I did hear Susan giving instructions occasionally; but I think that Abigail prepared the meal on her own, for the most part. She made turkey sausage (ring sausage) in sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, and cream-style corn to use as a gravy for the mashed potatoes. For dessert she made use of the leftover pastry puffs and vanilla cream from last night's supper (remember?), topping the cream-filled puffs with a ganache that she and Susan made. It was quite a satisfying meal!

It was cute to see Abigail bustling around the kitchen with her typical song-in-my-heart, bounce-in-my-step approach to life; but the cutest thing was to see her attire. A few years ago, she and her sisters received from my dad and stepmom aprons to be used in the kitchen, each apron marked with the girl's name and the phrase "Grandma's Helper." Abigail just continues to grow, though, so the apron strings that used to tie around her waist now tie around her rib cage; and the bottom hem that used to touch her knees now hangs just below her waist. Wearing her too-small blue apron while cooking tonight, she looked like a character from a sci-fi movie who has been hit by gamma rays and grown into a giant while her same-sized clothes are left to dangle from her now-giant frame. Cute!

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  1. Abigail did a great job of working independently, and the supper was delicious. Perhaps we need to add both Suzanna and Abigail to a regular cooking rotation...I like it!