Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dolphins and Donuts

This was an unusual Sunday for us in that we skipped church! Well, Susan didn't; as Sunday school director, she had to report for work as usual. But the girls had a swim meet in town today as part of the Dickinson Dolphin Swim Team (the last meet before the state swim meet in Bismarck March 19-21), so I took them there (to the West River Community Center), and Susan joined us when she was done at church. I brought school work to do while I waited during pre-meet warmups and between events, and I got quite a bit done. The girls had a fine day, but we think that none of them qualified for state in any of today's events--although Hillary had already qualified for state in the 25-yard backstroke back in January (remember?), so we know we'll be attending state for her.

We didn't stick around to see the final results posted because we had another event to get to: a birthday party for our family's friend Monica. She has an apartment in an assisted living complex, and she reserved the dining room for a party today to celebrate the March birthdays of her neighbors and herself. There were lots of people there! Susan brought her grandma Laura over from the nursing home where she resides (which is attached to Monica's apartment building). Susan's aunt Kathy helps Monica with errands and has become a good friend, too, so Kathy came with some of her family: husband Pat; daughter Tina and grandson Kylan; and son Todd and daughter-in-law Trista and grandson Trae.

Abigail, Suzanna, and Hillary surround their great-grandmother Laura

There were balloons and snack mix on each table, and Susan and the girls helped to pass out cookies and donuts and to pour coffee and punch. After Monica said a few words of welcome, the girls sang a Norwegian table prayer, and then I accompanied them as they sang the song "He Is Good." Monica asked me to play some more, so I provided background music on the piano while people visited and ate. After most of the guests had gone, we gave Monica her birthday present: a scarf that Susan knitted for her. It was a very pleasant afternoon event.

Suzanna, Abigail, and Hillary sing the religious song "He Is Good" by memory as I play the piano behind them.

Susan had the girls find out from Monica her favorite color, and then she bought some pink yarn and knitted this scarf for Monica . . . over the course of four days! Yep, Susan's quite the knitter now (remember when/how she began this hobby?).

Abigail, Suzanna, and Hillary with their "foster grandma" Monica!

P.S. I met a most interesting woman, one of Monica's neighbors whose name I didn't get but with whom I visited at the end of the party. She complimented us on our musicianship and told me a bit about her career as a music teacher. We also talked about international travel and about Italian cuisine (she's full-blooded Italian and differentiates between "real" lasagne and "North Dakota" lasagne, which invariably includes cottage cheese instead of ricotta and no vegetables when it should include Swiss chard).


  1. It was a lovely day -- busy, but filled with friends and family.

  2. The scarf looks so pretty and soft! Job well done! Thanks also, Susan, (in case Kevin didn't say it to you for me!) for the pot holders and dish rag you made me! I love them!