Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Norse News and Notables

Our family enjoyed Norwegian language and cultural camp last summer (recall Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4?) so much that we decided to go again this summer!  Preparing for that has me in a Norwegian frame of mind, so I thought I'd share some recent Norse news and informational tidbits with you:

June 7 | The Norwegian food industry has introduced the Nyt Norge ["Enjoy Norway"] label for Norwegian foods in order to help shoppers support local or national farmers, ranchers, and producers -- My Little Norway

June 6 | Genealogical resources exist for those with Norwegian ancestors to explore their family trees and trace their origins back to the fedrelandet ["fatherland"] -- Norwegian Blog

June 4 | Start making your party plans to celebrate Midsummer's Eve, or St. Hansaften ["Saint John's Eve"], on June 23, even if you don't live in the Land of the Midnight Sun -- Sons of Norway Blog

June 3 | The winner of the Norwegian reality TV show Alt for Norge ["All for Norway"]--in which Norwegian-Americans completed challenges until one contestant remained--won prize money and met his Norwegian relatives, who showed him his great-grandmother's birthplace -- My Little Norway

May 29 | The 30th anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back provides an occasion to recall that Norway was the locale for shooting the Star Wars movie's scenes set on the ice planet Hoth -- Sons of Norway Blog

May 27 | An English blogger living in Norway suggests an itinerary for a weekend visit to Oslo to give a visitor the experience of a typical Norwegian weekend -- A New Life in Norway

May 22 | A recent study of conditions for mothers in 160 countries ranked Norway first for factors including its universal health care, high-quality childcare, and a year of maternity leave at full pay -- Sons of Norway Blog

May 18 | An Australian blogger living in Norway shares photos from the Syttende Mai ["17th of May" -- Norwegian Constitution Day] celebration in her new Norwegian home city of Tromsø -- My Little Norway

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