Friday, June 25, 2010

My Princess Has a New King

Faithful Reader, you may recall that, after "graduating" from fifth grade (and thus moving on to a new school building for sixth grade) last year, Suzanna got a Betta fish, whom she named Huckleberry Fin.  She has been a good pet owner, faithfully feeding Huck and cleaning his tank and "playing with" him (i.e., talking to him, watching him swim around, moving his little tank around the room so as to involve him in her games or let him watch her at play).

Well, this year Abigail graduated from fifth grade, too . . . so guess what she got today?

Yep, that's King Triton, her new pet Betta fish.  She was inspired by the label on his container from the store: "crowntail Betta."  "Crown" made her think of "king," and then she recalled King Triton, the character from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.  King Triton is in pretty boring environs at the moment; Abigail has some faux trees for his tank, but she told me that they wouldn't stay at the bottom of the tank; they kept floating to the top, and she was worried that King Triton would get hurt trying to dodge the floating flora, so she took them out.

I'm sure Abigail will be as attentive a pet owner as Suzanna has been.  When I suggested that King Triton and Huckleberry Fin have a play date, she was adamant about keeping them apart, knowing that male Bettas are highly aggressive toward other males (if two are put into the same tank, they will fight until only one remains--and a Betta will even try to fight with his own reflection if placed in front of a mirror).  Good job, Abigail!

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