Monday, June 07, 2010

Some Assembly (and Cursing) Required

Over a year ago, I bought some shelves (remember?) to mount on the wall in Hillary's bedroom for display of knick-knacks, photos, trinkets, books, CDs, etc.  Without as many dressers as her sisters have, Hillary has never had as many horizontal surfaces for displaying and storing such things, and we needed to reduce the cluttered look of her over-crowded bed table and dresser top.

It was a weekend for tending to chores and long-neglected but necessary tasks around the home and yard, so I decided to make time to put up Hillary's shelves yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, the "quick and easy to install" shelves were neither quick nor easy to install, and it turned out to be quite the time-consuming ordeal.  But victory was mine, and here is the result:

The top shelf hold angels and religious items (and those are two angels hanging from the wall beside it); the middle shelf holds a collection of teddy bear statues and some items that Hillary received as a baby; and the bottom shelf holds CDs, books, and assorted knick-knacks.

To put the shelves into perspective, here's a look at the northwest corner of Hillary's bedroom.  P.S. Many of the items that are now on the three shelves were previously stored on the pink ladybug shelf hanging above her headboard.  Yep, it was very over-crowded!


  1. It looks so nice. The wood tone matches that of the chair rail on her walls too. Very clever! Job well done....

  2. This looks great! Wanna come put up some shelves in my home office too?
    And...I like the new look of your blog page! Did you take that photo? NICE!