Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aunt Shirley at Gramma Sharon's

No Scandinavian Saturday supper this weekend.  Instead, we drove to Williston, ND for the girls' swim meet there.  We had an uneventful drive there early this morning, taking I-94 to Belfield, then Hwy 85 north through Fairfield, Grassy Butte, Watford City, Arnegard, and Alexander.  I point that out because, on the way back, we took a different route with far fewer towns along the way: we took Hwy 68 south of Alexander and then turned off on Hwy 16 through the Little Missouri National Grassland, encountering no towns or cities until we reached Beach back on the Interstate, which we traveled east back to Dickinson.  Hwy 16 was a beautiful drive: very little traffic, scenic terrain, deer along the roadside . . . all with the added benefit of the sense of exploration that comes when taking an unfamiliar path.

Even better than what we got to see on the drive home was whom we got to see while in Williston:

Dad and Beverly
My dad and stepmom drove the 50 miles or so from their home to Williston to watch the girls swim.  Unfortunately, the cement bleachers for spectators at the pool are not very comfortable for anyone to sit on, let alone for people who have had back surgeries and joint issues.  I knew that Dad and Beverly had some shopping to do before returning home, so I proposed that they stay only long enough to watch each of the girls swim in one event.  Then I went with them to visit while they shopped, and we met up with Susan and the girls for a late dinner after the meet had ended.

We ate at Gramma Sharon's, a welcoming place with delicious food.  While waiting for the food to arrive, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see my aunt (and godmother) Shirley!  She lives in Williston and had come with a friend for some pie and coffee, and she was as surprised to see us there as I was to see her standing there!  We had hugs and kisses and a quick visit until our food came.  What a great surprise!

Shirley with me (her favorite nephew and godson, according to me), Hillary, Abigail, and Suzanna


  1. Shirley wrote a note to me for my birthday and mentioned seeing all of you. She loved it! She misses our previous get-togethers from years ago.
    I'm glad Dad and Beverly were able to get there too.

  2. How FUN! I'm glad you got to see her for a bit! A neat mini family reunion, with Dad and Beverly there too! :0) I got to see her for a short time last summer, when Lucille took me over to find her at home. The visit was fun but too short. Glad you enjoyed your scenic drive home as well!