Saturday, February 05, 2011

Suzanna the Honor Chorister

The big weekend for Suzanna arrived: she participated in all-state honor choir (remember?) yesterday and today!  She got out of school around noon yesterday to go with her music teacher to the university (we're so lucky that the event is being held this year in Dickinson--we don't have to travel!), and he turned her over to the conductor assigned to direct Suzanna and the other 99 middle-school-aged students chosen from across the state.  They performed at concerts last night and this afternoon.  Wanna hear a little bit?

"Fight the Good Fight"

"Tres Cantos Nativos"

The choir sounded phenomenal, especially considering both the youth of the kids and the very little time that they had worked together or with the conductor.  Susan and I were so proud of Suzanna for singing with such energy in her face and body.  Her eyes were fixed on the conductor, her posture was upright, her mouth was wide open, and she seemed attentive and "into" the performance.  What a great experience for her, and what a great job she did.  Brava!

The video clips above are from this afternoon's concert, and the photo directly above is from last night's performance (thus the different clothing).
P.S.  Last night's concert included performances, too, by choirs from the University of Mary, the University of North Dakota, and Dickinson State University.  The group from UND was the Varsity Bards, an all-male group that wowed the crowd with their mix of quality, energy, and humor.  We were in stitches as they sang "The Pirate Song," a slow tune with a soft and simple melody that contrasted with the humorous goings-on onstage: throughout the song, the singers one at a time slipped into items of pirate apparel; and the conductor twice used a Nerf pistol, first to shoot the page turner off the piano bench and then to shoot the accompanist himself, leaving both of them sprawled on the floor in fake death while the choir continued singing.  Funny!


  1. Wow! I love it! I had to look up the translation of the second song. I already had it figured out that they were supposed to be in a forest of some kind. But here is what I found. Tell me if I'm right Suzanna.

    Good job to the entire choir!

  2. Looks good to me! I had a bunch of fun! It was a great experience and I hope to do it again next year!

  3. Wow, they sound amazing! More like adults than middle-school students! I spoke with her on the phone that day, right before she had to leave for rehearsal before their performance. She didn't seem to be nervous at all but I know that she was enjoying it. I'm so excited for and proud of you, Suzanna! Love, Cathy