Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Magnetic Personality

The next episode in this saga was today: Abigail's EEG last week revealed some abnormal activity, so they scheduled her for an MRI this morning.

Susan took her in for that, and it seems that everything went smoothly.  Abigail tells me that, after she and Mommy removed all traces of metal, Abigail was put onto a bed and slid into the tube of the machine that used magnetism to take pictures of her brain.  They put earplugs into her ears because the machine was so loud, and "the metal structure" (Abigail's description) on her head not only held the earplugs in place but also held a mirror into which Abigail could look to see Mommy sitting against the wall behind her.  The only time that Abigail was afraid was when a person came in to inject some "contrast medium" into her blood stream, during which she told Abigail, "I think I lost your vein."  But the vein was found, the injection was successful, the tests were completed, and Abigail was back in school in under an hour.

We will find out the results of the MRI when we visit a pediatric neurologist next week.  That doctor will also examine the results of last week's EEG and the CAT scan from the day of the incident and, we hope, offer us an explanation.

Keep praying.


  1. Abigail was great during the test! She had to stay completely still when pictures were being taken, but she'd watch me in the mirror. As soon as the machine was done taking a set of pictures, she'd make faces at me or smile or joke.

  2. Sooo glad they are getting to the bottom of this! Glad she's doing better....