Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweets and Tunes

Our church is raising funds to update its organ with digital components that will improve its sound, capabilities, and longevity.  The fundraising is going quite well, actually, probably because the committee in charge has been using a variety of approaches to soliciting funds.  Their latest: a night of "Sweets and Tunes," an event held in one of the church's gathering halls this evening.  Organizers had decorated the room with strings of white lights and set the tables with lace tablecloths, fancy centerpieces, and candles.  There was a small stage set up in the middle of the room for the entertainment, which included . . . Susan and me!

We were asked to sing a love-themed song (since the night had a bit of a belated Valentine's Day theme), so we prepared two.  We sang "Do You Love Me?" from the musical Fiddler on the Roof, and I sang "She's My Girl" by Tom Lehrer.  (I played piano for both songs.)  We were up early in the evening's proceedings, meaning that once we sat down, we were free to enjoy the rest of the night.  We were served a plate containing a variety of sweet treats:

Can you make out the edible black musical notes and red heart pushed into the column of whipped cream, the edible mouse with his nose in the cream, and the tiny little bird perched atop the truffle in the red paper cup?  Just click to enlarge for a better look.
Everything was delicious, but I was glad for the coffee to cut the sugar overload a bit.  (And then I followed up with sips of the sweet punch, so it all evened out.)  Between songs (from us and others), we all played music-themed games, such as listening to snippets of theme songs and guessing at our tables which television show each was from, or trying to write the correct decade by each song in a list of music from the last hundred years.  There was a silent auction, too, during which people could throw in tickets to "bid" on several items, such as wine, chocolate, and handmade crafts.

We were ushered to our table at the start of the night and just happened to be seated with Brent and Kristin, the couple with whom we had so much fun when joining them out for supper a couple weeks ago.  They plus the games plus the sweets plus the ambiance made it a very enjoyable evening.


  1. The desserts were lovely to look at AND delicious--great combination! And it was fun to sing with you, too. :-)

  2. cute little ideas for sweets! Interesting choice in songs as well.

  3. Just had to let you know I was getting caught up - sounds like a fun night! I hope everything is good there - How is Abigail doing - hopefully everything is good! Wanted to say Hi!
    See you in June
    Love Jake