Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, Not Stuff . . . Well, Except for Flowers and Food

Is there a Valentine's Day equivalent of Christmastime's Scrooge?  If so, that's what I may sound like when I tell you that I opened the conversation at the dining room table the other day with something like, "Now, before we go buy things for Valentine's Day, do we really need to bring any more stuff into this house?"  But we've still got Christmas gifts sitting out, waiting for us to find a place for them; and the girls just hauled in several awesome Valentine's Day gifts from Grandpa and Grandma this past weekend . . . so nobody flinched at my suggestion that we exchange just love, not gifts, for today's holiday.

Be that as it may, I still took the opportunity to slip away from work today to buy flowers for my four valentines: yellow roses for each of the daughters, and a dozen red roses for Susan.  And after Susan and I were done with work, and the girls had finished their after-school swim team practice, we all went out to supper and had a delicious meal (including a huge portion of fried ice cream that we all shared for dessert) at El Sombrero, our favorite Mexican restaurant in town.  What a joy to spend time with my four lovely valentines!


  1. (sniff, sniff...) pardon my happy sniffels. You are so sweet to give them all flowers! How'd you get that way dear brother??? Jk....good job on gifts, er, you know. :-)

  2. The flowers were beautiful -- for several weeks! Thank you :-)