Saturday, August 29, 2009

Davis Meets the Moberg Ladies

First of all, pardon the delay and thank you for your patience, Faithful Reader. Ever since I told you that Susan and the girls were on their way to Fargo to pick up Susan's sister Cassie, her husband Nick, and their five-month-old son Davis at the airport, you've been checking Pensive? No, Just Thinking daily just waiting for some photos or videos of our new nephew, haven't you?

Well, first of all, Susan and the camera and the video camera were there while I was here, so the blog had to wait at least through that first week. And then I traveled there on the weekend to be with them all and meet Davis myself, but of course it was all about spending time with family (mostly Davis!) while I was there rather than tending to the blog. And when we all got back here, the craziness of the start of the school year was upon us, making for a week too hectic to allow time for blogging.

And then our wireless Internet signal adapter died--you know, the device that provides us with Web access from the computer in our office . . . the computer upon which we store our photos and videos for uploading to the blog. You're understanding the delay in posting photos, yes? However, as you can tell, I have replaced (and, by the way, upgraded) the adapter and am now in possession of all our cameras, too, so let the blogging begin!

Having first learned to knit in June of this summer (at Norwegian camp), Susan has already made her first knitted afghan! She worked like a Turk to get it done before leaving for Fargo on Sunday (August 16) so that she could present it as a gift for Davis. She knitted each blue block individually and then sewed them together with green yarn. Isn't it nice?

Susan and the girls met Susan's dad Roger and her brother Jerrett at the Fargo airport Sunday evening in order to greet Cassie, Nick, and Davis once their plane landed. I'm sure there were embraces for Cassie and Nick, too, but Susan's first priority: get ahold of our cute new nephew and smother him in hugs and kisses!

Davis met his cousin Suzanna . . .

. . . his cousin Abigail . . .

. . . and his cousin Hillary. Actually he met her Sunday night at the airport, too, but the first photo of her holding him is from Monday morning (August 17). After leaving the airport, everybody caravaned to Nick's parents' lake home at Detroit Lakes, MN. Tim and Kutzy (Nick's parents) bunked with friends for the week, allowing Nick, Cassie, and all of Cassie's invading family members to use Tim and Kutzy's lakeside home themselves. That was pretty nice of Nick's parents, I'd say!

Tim and Kutzy's house is just a few footsteps from the lake, and they have a dock from which Jerrett and Roger--and anyone else who was interested--fished throughout the week. The girls enjoyed the special time with their uncle and grandpa! In the photo above: Jerrett, Hillary, Abigail, Suzanna, and Roger.

Cassie, Roger, and Jerrett

Beautiful sight!

In addition to fishing, the girls swam, played in inflatable water toys, and explored the shoreline.

I think it's safe to assume that Davis received lots of affection throughout the week.

On Tuesday (August 18) Susan took the girls to a nearby fun park where they played in bumper boats . . .

. . . and played miniature golf . . .

. . . and drove go-carts. Woo-hoo! (Susan, you used to go to this amusement park when you were a child, right? Readers may wish to know more about that, if you'd kindly elaborate in the comments.)

Abigail, Suzanna, and Hillary displayed their sisterly love.

Nick took Davis for a dip in the lake.

Tim took the crew for a boat ride Tuesday evening (August 18) during which Davis cuddled in Susan's arms and wore her sunglasses. Cool dude!

Nick and Cassie: parents for five months now and loving it!

Cassie and her daddy!

Roger and his kids: Susan (with Davis), Cassie, and Jerrett.

Nick with his dad Tim . . .

. . . and his mom Kutzy.

Back from the boat ride, Davis got into his pajamas before heading outside to hang out by the fire pit and enjoy the sounds of nighttime on the lake.

Nick, Davis, and Cassie--such a nice family!

Speaking of nice families, here is mine joining Susan's for a pic: Jerrett, Roger, Cassie, Abigail, Suzanna, Susan, and Hillary.

Hillary and Abigail joined Nick to look at the stars and listen to the water lapping against the shore and to the fire crackling nearby. I wasn't even there, yet I find this extremely relaxing!

Roger and Jerrett returned home Wednesday (August 19) and so had to have some final moments with the SC relatives, whom we don't get to see often enough.

I love these photos of Davis with Jerrett--especially this last one. Davis looks like he's saying, "Uncle Jerrett, I'm just going to miss you so much, man!"

Roger with his grandchildren: Suzanna (11), Davis (five months), Hillary (8), and Abigail (10).

Wednesday's weather was chilly and overcast, but look at the beautiful photos Susan captured of the lake as a result.

This is looking at Tim and Kutzy's house from the end of their dock.

On Thursday (August 20), Cassie, Susan, and the girls went to Zorbaz for pizza . . . and later told me that I have to try their pizza sometime because it's the best!

On Friday (August 21) Hillary, Abigail, and Suzanna posed in front of the pop-up camper in which they and Susan slept all week just outside Tim and Kutzy's house. Not long after this, Susan, the girls, Nick, Cassie, and Davis bid adieu to Tim and Kutzy and drove back to Fargo to check into a hotel for the weekend. Check the next post to Pensive? No, Just Thinking for more details on that!

Here are some video highlights from the week at the lake getting to know Davis. (He tried mashed peas while there, which should explain the footage of his reactions to the green stuff going into his mouth.) What a cutey pie!


  1. I love love love all the wonderful photos of all the family! Davis has grown so much from all the initial pics we saw of him. What a little man!
    It was neat to see the video of him as well!

  2. 1. This was an AWESOME week. The only thing that could have improved it would have been Kevin being there with us. Warmer weather would have been okay too -- but the cool-ish weather didn't stop the girls from swimming every day we were there!
    2. The beautiful pictures of the lake on the cloudy day were taken by Suzanna! I can't take credit -- didn't she do a fabulous job?
    3. When I was a youngster, my family would take my Grandma Morey and drive to Lake Five in MN, which is part of Fair Hills Resort. We'd meet my mom's sister, Patti and her family for a weeks' vacation at the lake. We did this for several years. We discovered "Go-Putt-N-Bump" one year and had lots of fun on the bumper boats & mini golf course. It was fun to go back and experience it with the girls! (Somewhere I have pictures of my cousins, sister, brother & a much younger me on the bumper boats!)