Friday, August 14, 2009

Catablogue: Bell'Alimento

Bell'Alimento: Beautiful Food Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Ah, food, how I love thee! And so does this blogger--especially Italian food. If you're in the mood for simple but fresh and delicious recipes inspired by this blogger's years living in Italy, then check out her site. Every couple days or so, she posts a recipe along with instructions and, especially appealing to me, beautiful photographs of the food that she's making--it's so mouth-wateringly tempting! She also has a sidebar listing the categories of food featured on her blog, so you can go directly to "pasta" or "sauces" or "dessert," for example, if you're searching for something in particular. Here's some of what has caught my attention so far:

When our family was at the Mall of America for a family reunion last month, I remembered having seen a gelato shop on one of the floors there during a previous visit, and I was on a mission to find it and get some of that tasty treat. Alas, no more gelato shop. But Bell'Alimento has an appealing recipe for strawberry gelato that I'd like to try! In our cupboard we still have some Nutella that I bought for a Scandinavian Saturday supper a few months ago, and Bell'Alimento has given me an idea for putting it to good use: a strawberry Nutella panino. Also, instead of "doctoring up" canned tomato sauce when making a pasta dish, I could try Bell'Alimento's "ultimate spaghetti sauce" recipe.

However, it's not only a collection of delicious recipes. Occasionally she writes reviews: of restaurants, of food-related products (e.g., a pasta maker), or of prepared food items (e.g., a bottled sauce, a boxed pasta mix, etc.--often at the request of the food producer and often upon receiving a free sample with that request). She also particpates in fun food-related "challenges" online; check out the "Johnsonville Brat Throwdown" and the "Nutella Challenge"! If you like to eat and cook (or eat and convince someone else to cook for you), you're sure to find something appealing on this blog

P.S. In one particular post, Bell'Alimento also directed me to another terrific-looking, Italian-inspired food blog with a fun name: Pinch My Salt!

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  1. WOW Kevin, thank you so much for writing this catablogue about bell'alimento! I'm so honored! I really appreciate it :) Grazie, <3 Paula