Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catablogue: Digital Philanthropy

Digital Philanthropy: For Individuals Passionate about Giving

This blog's subtitle probably means that persons with a philanthropic bent will be drawn to the blog as an additional opportunity for them to "do good" in the world. However, I think Digital Philanthropy must also appeal to less passionate do-gooders who perhaps don't make time to attend the local charity fundraiser or look up an international aid agency's mailing address to send a donation but who are willing to support a cause if it's as attractively easy as clicking a button online.

And Digital Philanthropy's blog posts are about just such opportunities. Some examples:
  • download a special toolbar that generates money for your favorite cause each time you use it to conduct an online information search
  • search for--and then patronize--"companies that are concerned with the environment, human rights, social justice, animal protection, and community involvement in their corporate practices"
  • select an opportunity to volunteer without even having to leave your home (e.g., write a letter or send an e-mail on behalf of a certain cause, download and then display a charity's poster, etc.)
  • become a donor for a recipient of your own choosing by selecting from a database of worthy recipients (sort of like an online dating service, only you're looking for characteristics of someone or some organization that appeal to you as a potential donor rather than dater)

Digital Philanthropy's blogger maintains another blog called How to Make a Difference that you might like, too, for ideas on revitalizing your hometown, reducing waste, building your own leadership skills, and so on.

(What is a catablogue?)

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