Thursday, August 06, 2009

Catablogue: Busy Dad Blog

The Busy Dad Blog: Parenting Without a Helmet

This blogger describes the site as "a look at parenting through testosterone-tinted beer goggles" (citation). It's actually a pretty fun look at this guy's approach to parenting, which involves having fun and thoroughly enjoying raising a young son with his wife. He's a creative writer whose sense of humor comes through not only in the zany things that he does and writes about but also in the way that he writes about them. Here are some fairly recent examples:
  • He invented his own cocktail.
  • When his son got an answer marked "incorrect" on a homework assignment, he and his son set out to prove the teacher wrong (and his son right) by conducting an experiment at home.
  • He made friends with a self-starter who offered to remodel his house for him. So he, his wife, and their child moved into this unmarried friend's house while the friend completely remodeled their house for them . . . in one month! at cost!
  • He writes about standards things in extraordinary ways: attending a wedding with his son as though it were a James Bond adventure, or cooking with his son as though it were an episode (or two) of Iron Chef.

Although you'd probably check out this guy's blog more for a laugh than for parenting advice, you could certainly do worse as a parent than to bring as much joy and zaniness to that job as Busy Dad Blog's creator does.

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  1. Hey! That's me!

    Thank you for this killer write-up. And I'm glad somebody appreciates unorthodox parenting (or at least writing about it). I'm gonna go pimp this on Twitter now because I am narcissistic like that. Rock on.

  2. I came over here because BusyDad told me to. He's that charismatic.

  3. BusyDad sent me here. He's kinda bossy that way. *grin*

  4. I think it's very entertaining to read! Funny stuff BusyDad! And, thanks for keeping it a clean writing. I love it when people can put things on paper (or computer in this case!) without all the expletives! Well done!

  5. Busy Dad directed me here - your culinary posts are sharp! I'll be back.

  6. 1. He has a very funny blog -- might even have to try one of his signature cocktails.
    2. I think it is very funny that he's sending other people to your blog, too!