Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Catablogue: Lifehacker

Lifehacker: Tips and Downloads for Getting Things Done

A "hack" is a clever solution to a problem or a modification to something that lets people use it in a new (perhaps even more productive) way. Lifehacker offers readers both. There's a definite emphasis on technology with this blog, meaning that many of the problems to which it offers solutions involve computers or digital devices. Likewise, some of its hacks relate to using technology in new ways or adapting it for expanded functionality. So if you are interested in software or hardware, you might appreciate Lifehacker's suggestions for downloads that will help you boost computer speed or productivity, or for new gadgets that it recommends, or for trends on the horizon that you should be aware of.

However, this blog offers hacks on an amazing variety of topics: tips for succeeding in the workplace, for traveling abroad, for storing food, for saving money, for staying safe, for posing for photographs, for dieting ("Pack your leftovers before eating to lose weight"), for improving your posture . . . it's endless. Chances are you'll discover solutions to problems that you didn't even know you had until you read about how to fix them!

(What is a catablogue?)

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