Friday, August 07, 2009

Catablogue: NajMania

NajMania: Because Blogging about Living with Five Men Is Cheaper Than My Other Options

Our friend Najla maintains this blog about her life as the sole woman in a household of men (one husband and four sons). She's hilarious. Each post is usually a retelling of some conversation that she has had with one of her sons during which they introduce chaos to her world, confusion to her state of mind, or a smile to her face. Her sons range in age from 6 to 14, so you can probably imagine the variety of topics that arise in her household and the issues that she must deal with related to each child's particular age.

For example, I can just picture her oldest son's rolling eyes and audible sighs when she writes about his one-word sentences ("Mom!") when they're discussing his younger brothers' actions, or when she talks to him about alcohol or sex, or when she sincerely has questions that he finds embarrassing to answer (read about her naïveté regarding boys' nicknames for their genitalia!). The way that she writes dialogue and includes her own thoughts during each conversation is very funny.

Even if you don't know Najla, you're sure to enjoy her tales of motherhood (and wife-hood) and sympathize with her plight as the lone female in a testosterone-flooded home.

(What is a catablogue?)

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  1. Love, love, LOVE Najla's blog!!! Makes me laugh out loud -- which makes the children give me funny looks ;-)