Saturday, August 29, 2009

Catablogue: The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman: Plowing Through Life in the Country . . . One Calf Nut at a Time

Just clink the link above. Really. How can I do justice to The Pioneer Woman in a brief catablogue description? You've got to see it for yourself. Well, okay, I guess you deserve some indication of what it's about.

The subtitle of the blog should tell you a little something about the blog as well as the blogger's fun attitude. She fell in love with a rancher and uses her blog to write about her "decade-long transition from spoiled city girl to domestic country wife" (citation). It's a fascinating ongoing story, but the blog is enjoyable even if one is sampling bits and pieces rather than exploring the archives and reading everything.

Separate sections of the blog are devoted to cooking, home and garden, homeschooling, and photography. The "Confessions" tab (at the top of the blog) will take you to the most blog-like entries in which she records her thoughts about her family and their life on the ranch. In each section are photos and other attractive visual elements as well as good humor that comes out in the way the blogger uses language to comment on what's going on in her life.

And because I'm a "foodie," I have to recommend a tour of The Pioneer Woman's recipes, which are accompanied by illustrative photos. Just try to look through the photos for the Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever without working up an appetite!

(What is a catablogue?)

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