Sunday, August 09, 2009

Catablogue: Organizing Your Way

Organizing Your Way: A Personalized Approach to Decluttering Your Life

There are a lot of online resources to help people organize their lives (their time, their homes, their stuff, etc.), so there may be other equally handy organization-related blogs out there. But this one is great not only because it offers worthwhile suggestions itself but also because it offers links to other blogs with great ideas to share.

Think about your own life--your daily and weekly schedule, your office, your home, your garage, the things that you own, etc. Could you use some hints for getting organized in any of those areas? Here's some of what Organizing Your Way has to offer:
  • decluttering while redecorating, or redecorating in order to declutter
  • organizing the bathroom and kitchen cabinets
  • dealing with laundry, trash, menu planning, spring cleaning, and home budgeting
  • organizing children's bedrooms, their crafts, their indoor and outdoor toys, and their homework areas
  • handling seasonal details such as Christmas decorations, winter wardrobes, and summer vacations
  • storing paperwork, records, office supplies, and tax documents in the home office
  • becoming more productive with "to do" lists, routines, schedules, and motivational techniques

I like that there's no judgmental tone to this blog. It's all about sharing helpful ideas with readers and letting them select the ones that appeal to them instead of "lecturing" readers with lists of what they should or should not do. Truth be told, the people who need the most help getting organized are probably also those least receptive to being told how to do it! As this blogger says, "Getting organized only lasts if you do it your way--to fit your needs, your preferences, and your lifestyle" (citation).

So don't be all passive-aggressive and start forwarding this blog's URL to all your friends and family members with cluttered basements or overflowing closets! (Although you might mention to them, "Say, I was reading this terrific blog the other day. Do you know what it suggested I do to get my basement in order?") Instead, give it a read and select some of its ideas for getting some aspect of your own life into better order. It couldn't hurt to try!

(What is a catablogue?)

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