Saturday, August 29, 2009

Simply Scandinavian

It has been a while! August 8 was the most recent ethnic meal that I made for our weekly Scandinavian Saturday. August 15 we ate Scandinavian foods at the Ethnic Festival instead of at home, and August 22 we took the week off since we were out of town for a family wedding. And although I was back in the kitchen today, it wasn't a typical Scandinavian Saturday; I usually prepare an ethnic supper, but today I prepared dinner instead (because Susan has an event to organize and attend at church this evening). So I kept it simpler than some of the suppers I have been making, and lemme tell ya: this one was a keeper!

This recipe is called Scandinavian Salmon Cheddar Pie. First I baked the pie crust and let it cool. Then I filled it with eggs, milk, butter, chopped fresh parsley, chopped scallion, fresh lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, ground mustard, sharp cheddar cheese, and smoked salmon, and I popped it back in the oven. When I sliced it, I served each piece with a dollop of this sauce: sour cream, minced cucumber, chopped fresh parsley, dill weed, fresh lemon juice, and ground white pepper. The pie itself was delicious; the sour cream sauce itself was delicious; and together, they were a savory combination. We all loved it.

I served the pie with a salad dressed in a Danish bleu cheese dressing. The dressing includes cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, olive oil, crumbled bleu cheese, and capers; and it is drizzled over lengths of romaine lettuce. It was full of flavor but felt light enough when enjoyed atop the crispy lettuce. The salad really was a great accompaniment to the salmon cheddar pie.

P.S. While I was cooking upstairs, Suzanna was running a beauty salon downstairs, plaiting Hillary's hair in several braids that ran in unusual patterns across her head. Here's Hillary modeling her new hair style, courtesy of Suzanna:

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  1. It was all SUPER yummy! Job well done! :-)