Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catablogue: What's Gaby Cooking?

What's Gaby Cooking?

Yes, I'm a sucker for a cooking related blog that offers tantalizing photographs of food. And this blog has attractive food photos galore! Sometimes Gaby dines out, photographs her favorites from the meal, and writes about her experience at that restaurant. Sometimes Gaby heads into her own kitchen, cooks up a delectable dish, and writes about it, sharing photos of the food, the recipe itself, and hints she learned while making the recipe. Several weeks ago, Gaby enrolled in culinary school and has been sharing photos of the food created each week. Also, as of March, she is now a personal chef--and based on her photos alone, I'd hire her!

She has her recipes organized by categories both general (e.g., "appetizers," "dessert") and specific (e.g., "cheddar," "garlic," "halibut"), so it's easy to find a new recipe to try from her site with a minimum of search effort. And although she doesn't share the recipes from each week of culinary school, the enticing photos just may inspire you to copy and paste the name of one of those dishes into the search bar of your favorite search engine (notice how I avoided using "Google" as a verb?).

Of course, she offers links to some of her favorite food-related Web sites, too, each of which is worth checking out (I particularly like Simply Recipes). But if you have time only for a few minutes of blissfully perusing delicious-looking food, What's Gaby Cooking? is a great place to start.

(What is a catablogue?)

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  1. MMMM! I can definitely see us making some of those recipes.