Monday, August 10, 2009

Catablogue: Boing Boing

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

The subtitle in this blog's name says it all and, at the same time, doesn't really say much. This blog serves as a collection of oddities, unusual but interesting Web sites and media and gadgets and nostalgic items and news blurbs, etc., like a Renaissance-era "cabinet of curiosities" (a comparison drawn by Skelliewag, a blog that analyzes successful blogs and offers advice to other bloggers on improving their own blogs).

Who knows what a blog post will contain on any given day at Boing Boing? Here is a sampling of what was featured during one week last month:
  • a video clip of a MN couple's wedding processional, during which the entire wedding party performed a choreographed dance (to a contemporary R&B song) up the aisle
  • a link to an article on getting started with ham radio, written by a contestant from a popular reality TV show on fashion design
  • a clip from a vintage Mexican melodrama to which a filmmaker has added his own English subtitles that do not correspond at all to the film's plot but that do make it very funny
  • a photograph of a vending machine (of the put-in-coin-turn-lever-collect-plastic-bubble-with-toy-inside variety) that dispenses religious items (e.g., miniature Bible, rosary beads, etc.)
  • a review of a book on favorite works of adolescent literature from the 1960s through the '80s
  • a clip from a news broadcast about a garden store burglary that surveillance video shows was conducted by a monkey presumably trained by a human to hand the stolen items over the fence
  • a video showing the construction, by a father for his son, of a homemade loft bed designed to look like a vehicle from a Star Wars film
  • excerpts from a man's e-booklet offering travel tips when riding on a UFO
  • a photograph of a Los Angeles driving school's billboard featuring what appears to be Jesus dressed as the Statue of Liberty driving a living car atop the French flag alongside a beach while an Asian man smiles in the passenger seat

And that's merely a sampling! It's awesomely bizarre--or bizarrely awesome. Or both. Visit Boing Boing as a treat to yourself. They go through the work of scouring the Interwebs for unusual treasures to share with us so that we readers don't have to. It takes just a few seconds to stop by Boing Boing and enjoy their work. Check it out!

(What is a catablogue?)

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