Monday, August 24, 2009

Catablogue: Moggit

Moggit: The Guilty Pleasure of the Decorating World

This blog is to interior decorating as Cake Wrecks is to cake decorating (remember?). Except that Moggit keeps the commentary in each post to a minimum and largely lets the "decorating" speak for itself. Sometimes the featured photos are of some hideous product that can be purchased and put in one's own home; sometimes they're of some room that has been hideously decorated by an interior designer; sometimes they're of some piece of hideous artwork that has been created by someone without taste, style, or talent. Always they inspire a combination of cringes and laughter, perhaps even a sense of schadenfreude because we readers have not been duped into paying good money for the hideous wallpaper, curtains, paintings, rugs, furniture, sculptures, etc., that somebody else bought (or that the makers are hoping to sell to dupes who have no clue).

To illustrate:
There is educational value to this blog; if you find on Moggit photos of something that you would consider stylish, you will have learned how off-the-mark you are. Moggit is a money-saving tool, too; do not buy anything featured on the site! Moggit's real value, though, is as a source of laughs. Check it out and enjoys the chuckles.

(What is a catablogue?)

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