Monday, August 03, 2009

Catablogue: Rookie Cookie

Rookie Cookie

This is a food-related blog with an attitude. Its creator primarily shares tasty recipes with appealing photos of the food that she has made. She also shares details about each recipe: a brief introduction to why she made it or what the recipe means to her family, or a narrative about actually preparing the dish, or a post-cooking reflection with advice to readers who may wish to try the recipe themselves. Her posts never ramble; the focus is on the food, even though she may pause to share an insightful or humorous aside or two.

Case in point: This post starts with, "What is more important: grilling up some delicious salmon or bailing your husband out of the slammer? Grilling salmon for sure." She goes on to share the recipe and photos of the fish, eventually managing to interweave the explanation of why her husband was in jail and why she opted first to finish cooking before driving to "the big house" to get him released!

Every so often she offers a non-food-related post that highlights some humorous moment from life in her household (RE: her children or her spouse), so if the food doesn't draw you in, perhaps the overall comic tone will. But I'm willing to bet that the food will draw you in. Check it out.

(What is a catablogue?)

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