Friday, August 28, 2009

Catablogue: What Not to Crochet

What Not to Crochet

This blog is in the spirit of Moggit, Craftastrophe, and Cake Wrecks: laughing while cringing. The focus of the site is so simple: share photos of needle work that probably ought not to have been made. Scroll through the blog for examples from the world of fashion, art, and crafts. There are bras, bikini bottoms, and men's athletic supporters made from yarn and hemp (the blogger's concern: that the "pink bits" will poke out). There are clothes for animals, animals made from yarn, and clothes made to look like animals. There are projects crocheted with the sole purpose of seeing whether it's possible to create with yarn.

The blogger does share photos, too, of impressive crochet samples--so if you crochet, you may be inspired in your own work by some of the photos . . . but definitely warned not to create tacky, tasteless projects exemplified by other photos. This blog is good for a laugh, and it fills a void left by the absence of another similar blog: You Knit What?? (which, although no longer being updated, is still available for viewing photos of "craftastrophes" from the world of knitting).

(What is a catablogue?)

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